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Wi-Fi Churn Trial

Matt Clayton | Business Intelligence & Analytics

💪 This project was one of my first forays into data analytics and a great learning experience in how to handle massive amounts of data. It also provided key insights at a pivotal time for the business after a big merger.

⚙️️ To build it required finding disparate data sets and aggregating them using MS Access (since there was too much data for Excel); then I had to normalize and bootstrap to uncover notable differences in behavior between different customers.

😌 The result was discovering an opportunity which led to a $1 million trial that broke even in two years by reducing churn by 10%; the success of which led to even larger churn reduction efforts upwards of $50 million. 💲

My favorite part about this analysis was seeing how my proactive analysis and creativity could lead to real, powerful changes in my organization. It inspired me to really develop my analytics and data science skills! 🏆

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