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Real-Time-ish Alert System

Matt Clayton | Business Intelligence & Analytics

Real-Time-ish Alert System

💪 This alert system integrated multiple automation tools, spreadsheets, and APIs to monitor site and revenue metrics 24/7.

⚙️️ To build it required automating data pulls through the Google Analytics Add-on in Google Sheets, analyzing changes in KPIs, and using Zapier, Slack & PagerDuty to check for and report alerts on an hourly basis.

😌 The result was a reliable system for monitoring site and revenue performance which caught numerous large- and small-scale emergencies within hours (instead of days) and more Z’s for my boss 😴 who could sleep soundly knowing we’d be alerted to urgent issues 24/7.

My favorite part about this alert system was the sense of stability it provided 😴 and how it’s a good example of how to combine 💡 simplicity and 🧠 ingenuity to enact powerful changes within your organization (or the world 🌎).

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