Location,TX 77379,USA


Matt Clayton | Business Intelligence & Analytics

Matt is a business intelligence analyst with over 10 years of experience defining, measuring, and understanding the phenomena of complex systems. He draws from a breadth of skills acquired through extensive training in systems analysis from the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Power Training Program, an MBA from UT-Austin, and a Data Analyst Nanodegree from Udacity to simplify and solve strategic problems.

He enjoys making difficult concepts easy to understand for any audience. His desire is to pursue engaging projects that challenge him intellectually and to collaborate with like minds to enact positive changes in business and society.

✔ SpreadsheetsExcel, Google SheetsExpert
✔ Data VisualizationGoogle Data Studio, Tableau, ggplot2, matplotlibExpert
✔ SQLTeradata, BigQuery, MariaDB, MySQLExpert
✔ Pythonnumpy, pandas, matplotlib, prophet, and moreExpert
✔ Rdplyr, tidyr, ggplot2High
✔ CommunicationExecutive, public, technical, analytical High
✔ Data ToolsFRED, eGIS, XML, JQuery, REST APIs, Data.gov, FTP, HTML/CSSGood