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Matt Clayton | Business Intelligence & Analytics

To see the breadth and depth of my work in Business Intelligence and Analytics please browse this sampling of my professional and academic portfolio.



  • Broadcast Incentive Auction – synthesized analyses estimating the cost of spectrum given potential auction outcomes to an executive audience.
  • Wi-Fi Churn Analysis – discovered a churn reduction opportunity through analyzing combined marketing and engineering data sets resulting in a 10% improvement in voluntary churn rates saving over $500k per year.
  • Retail Case Study – forecasting demand based on prior year sales and optimizing inventory to leverage seasonal trends and maximize revenue.
  • Wrangling Twitter Data – using Python to import Twitter data via API, cleaning it, then testing image prediction AI performance identifying dog breeds from Tweeted images.
  • Explore Wine Data – using R and ggplot2 to explore and analyze wine quality.
  • Explore Movie Data – investigate a realistic problem using a public data set (IMBd); help a relative maximize revenue when they release their Sci-Fi-Fantasy-Horror film.


  • Real-Time-ish Alert System – fully automated system for tracking site and revenue performance 24/7.
  • Customer Segmentation by Machine Learning – k-means clustering that identified distinct customer segments by location (rural/urban) and market competitiveness.
  • Machine Learning for Profitable Ad Sets – logistic regression used to analyze dozens of early performance KPIs to predict ad set profitability days sooner than normal.
  • Forecasting in R – automated subscriber forecasts of dozens of highly-granular network segments using Facebook’s prophet package in R.
  • A Baseball Story – use Tableau to tell a story through data; how the recent rise in home runs and player BMI are correlated and possibly in response to ever-better pitching!